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Arm BandIt - Designed by runners for runners
Arm BandIt
GrabIt Products introduces the Arm BandIt - an iPod ™ armband with utility for runners! Available in pink! Designed by runners for runners, the Arm BandIt provides utility that is missing in other, simpler models. Buy an Arm BandIt today and see why this is the next generation of armbands!!!

The highest quality, most durable armband you've ever owned.
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Arm BandIt Features

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Arm Bandit Features
  • Easy access to iPod Lock
  • Cord cleat for better cord management
  • High-tech durable material resists stretching or tearing
  • Removeable Storage Tupe for ID, money, or key for locker, car or house
  • Secure, water-resistant cap
  • Cap is securely tethered to the ID tube
  • USB charging access eliminates the need to remove iPod
  • No more tangled cords - wrap your cord for storage
  • Wrap your cord around the tube to easily adjust cord length
  • Headphone storage for protection and cord management
  • Sized-to-fit strap avoids chafing from velcro
  • Comfortable Velstretch ® strap with firm grip
  • Oversized headphone jack access fits most headphone types
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