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These streamlined skate weights have been developed to help improve your strength, speed, and performance on the ice.


They have been designed to provide a comfortable fit, that is also durable. The weights are dye cast then powder coated for utmost durability. Replacement straps are available if needed.



We guarantee improvement on the ice. Don’t believe us? We will prove it. Here’s how:

  • Before using PowerSk8r, grab a stopwatch and have a teammate/parent/coach time you.
  • Time yourself from face-off circle to face-off circle, and take your best out of 3 times.
  • Start wearing PowerSk8r every time you train or practice.
  • In 90 days, re-time yourself & see the improvement!
  • If you are not satisfied with your results, PowerSk8r will reimburse your purchase, guaranteed.


Skating reckless with skate weights can cause bad habits. Here’s some tips to improve skating technique taught at the University of Notre Dame Level 4 coaches training.

  1. Skate low with knees bent, back 10 degrees up from the ice or boards, and most importantly, head up.
  2. One hand on the stick while sprinting with stick straight out, not on an angle.
  3. Forward and backward motions with arms at all times. Never let your arms stray to the side while skating.
  4. Start your stride from the center of your body. This is where all the magic happens, from the core.
  5. Push your skates to the side, not forward or backward.
  6. Extend your stride all the way until your leg is straight.
  7. After your extension, do not let your foot flip up. Pull it back as close to the ice as possible.
  8. Bring your skate back to the center of your body.
  9. Repeat!


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Start with your skate already laced.
  1. Place PowerSk8r over top of the skate.
  1. Line PowerSk8r up so it sits over the laces.
  1. Take velcro strap and fish it through the space between the blades.
  1. Pull the tail end of the velcro strap through the other side of the PowerSk8r.
  1. Secure the velcro strap to itself.
  1. Take the bungee cord attached to the side of the PowerSk8r and pull it around the heel of the skate.
  1. Attach the hook to the other side of the PowerSk8r.
  1. Now the PowerSk8r skate weights should be secured and ready to go.


What does PowerSk8r do?

PowerSk8r has been designed to increase strength, speed, and overall performance on the ice. Use the PowerSk8r to strengthen and tone leg muscles.

What are the advantages of using PowerSk8r?

The advantages are simple. They will make you not only stronger & faster, but force you to focus on the mechanics of your stride.

How does PowerSk8r attach?

PowerSk8r goes on top of the skate, and uses durable Hook & Loop Velcro underneath. They attach by simply unhooking the Velcro from one side, and placing PowerSk8r on top of your foot. You then feed the Velcro underneath your skate, through the other side, and pull the Velcro tightly back down.

What will I feel?

Initially, you will feel the extra weight on your feet. They might seem a little clunky at first, but over time, you will get used to having PowerSk8r on your skates during practice.  Eventually, once your legs have strengthened, you won’t feel anything at all and can move up to a heavier weight.

Will PowerSk8r change my stride?

Contrary to what many believe, PowerSk8r is there to help with your stride. The extra 1lb added to each foot forces one to fully extend their stride and focus on the mechanics of proper skating. Once you have achieved that 90 degree knee bend, full recovery, and long stride, you will then realize what it is like to have a proper stride.

When I take PowerSk8r off what will I feel?

When you take off PowerSk8r, your feet should feel much lighter. The main goal of PowerSk8r is to make you faster for game time. During practice, your legs are used to being 2lbs heavier. Come game time, you should be flying without that extra 2lbs.

Can I get a different color?

PowerSk8r is available for adult 1lb weights in the colors of White and Silver.  The youth 1/2lb weights come in the colors of Black, Silver, Blue, Red and Green.

How does the guarantee work?

The main purpose of the PowerSk8r guarantee is to show real life, measurable results. We want you to time yourself from face-off circle to face-off circle, and take the best out of 3 times. In 90 days, re-time yourself. If you haven’t been able to see & feel a difference, PowerSk8r will refund you, guaranteed.

Are there different sizes?

PowerSk8r has been designed to fit all youth and adult skates.  Youth skates will use the 1/2lb weights and adults will use the 1lb weights.  Also included are an optional back strap if you want it to feel more secure.

Will I be in pain from using PowerSk8r?

You will not be in pain from using PowerSk8r, and shouldn’t feel anything more than really sore legs.




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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Stainless


1 pound, 1/2 pound


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