Why High Hopes Hammock?

Grabit Products has recently partnered with a Hammock company founded by three Central Michigan University students.

“High Hopes Hammock Company is more than a company that sells hammocks. We are an organization that works to provide hope and stability to those who need it.

Our company fosters an opportunity to help someone facing homelessness. When you purchase a High Hopes Hammock, we donate one to someone lacking a place to sleep.  Our overarching mission is to provide all people facing homelessness with a place to sleep, creating a more equal opportunity for everyone. 

Donation recipients can sleep soundly at night with assurance that someone has the compassion to provide a meaningful a
ct of selflessness.

Our company was born from a deep desire to serve others.


  1. Impoverished people living on city streets
  2. Refugees who have fled their home countries due to persecution and violence
  3. Victims of natural disasters whose homes have been destroyed

 We partner with shelters and charities to provide donations to individuals in need.

Our hammocks are also used in shelters to increase cleanliness and capacity.”