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PowerSk8r™ Skate Weights

A note from the inventor:

"Good luck in the 18-19 season to you all.  In the event of caution and uncertainty, every skater that has worn powersk8r weights for 90 days has had great measurable speed increase. This is from 20 years of testing results and documentation. The beauty is they increase the leg resistance by repetition in a small enough percentage that it is nothing like lifting a heavy weight that can be harmful. In a game, the team that works 3-5% harder than the other team usually wins. The team that works 3-5 % harder in practice can do that.

We have accumulated over 20 state championships with 2 coaches in Detroit to prove it."

Heres what you need to do:

  • Before using PowerSk8r™, grab a stopwatch and have a teammate/parent/coach time you!
  • Time yourself from face-off circle to face-off circle, and take the average of your best out of 3 times and keep that number in a safe place.  You will need to reference it again after 90 days. 
  • Start wearing PowerSk8r™ every time you train! Get used to putting them on every time you practice & you will be amazed by the results!

"We would do the second speed test with my teams just before playoffs. The largest gains were usually from the slowest players at the beginning of the season. Going into the playoffs with the largest confidence in the weakest skaters was immeasurable. They all knew they were faster and they skated with a massive amount of confidence. The data speaks for itself. It is an urban myth that the skate weights cause damage to a player. There is not one documented case of it. If your kid is one of the slowest skaters they can gain the most from them. It is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our products, I will issue you a 100% refund. Please call my personal phone if you have any concerns. Thank you."

-Sean Halpin

Inventor and CEO



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