About Us

As you may have noticed, there is a lot going on at GrabitProducts.com! You may have come for Hockey Skate Weights but you’re seeing Disc Golf stuff and Restaurant products too! If you’re thinking “what the heck is going on!?” then you are in the right place!

Grabit Products is a compilation of—to make it simple—STUFF we have invented! Wheels are turning at a million miles a minute over here at GP headquarters and we are excited to have you as part of our journey!

To break it down, we are a family business developing products to solve problems we have faced in our own lives.  Of course, we have real problems that we have no clue how to answer, but solving something as simple as “why can’t I prop my phone up on these salt and pepper shakers”—we’ve got it!

We are a determined father-daughter duo who sees an issue and don’t stop until we have created the solution.

Now, not all of these inventions came specifically from our noodles.  Some of our products were thought up by close friends that we believed in enough to help bring their vision to life.  The coolest part about working for Grabit Products is the versatility and vast differences within all of our products. Every day is different and every customer is unique! 

Welcome to Grabit Products, where our favorite phrase is: “why didn’t I think of that!?”


About the team:


Sean Halpin has run his own automotive engineering company for the last 25 years! He has worked with nearly every car manufacturer out there and you have definitely touched, grasped, turned, or pulled something he designed.  With a Master’s degree in Aerospace manufacturing from UCLA, he was one of the first in the field to become proficient in CAD surfacing design. Because of this defined skill, he is truly able to turn a spoken idea of a product into a simple drawing, then into an intricate 3-demential virtual model ready to be sent to manufacturing.  Sean does not see limitation when it comes to ideas because he truly can bring any idea to life (and if he can’t, he has a friend who can!) 

Shelby Halpin started her entrepreneurial career at a young age.  Instead of the typical youthful lemonade stand, Shelby spent her weekends performing Magic Shows for children's birthday parties, holiday parties and events pertaining to special needs communities. Shelby earned her international badge at just 10 years old while performing in front of 300 Spanish speaking children while on a mission trip in Costa Rica.  She got a taste of turning dreams into a reality and accomplishing wild goals at a young age and it influenced her path into adulthood. Although she is since retired the magic wand, her abilities to engage an audience and captivate various target markets is truly magical.  With a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship from Central Michigan, she knows the ins and outs of bringing a product to life and getting it in front of the right people.  

To make it simple, Sean makes the idea tangible and Shelby puts the tangible product in the hands of those who need it.  

Welcome to Grabit Products!

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