About Us


Established in 1995, at Halpin Solutions we've steadily built on our mission to create diverse products that empower and improve the lives and industries of those we serve. We released GrabIt Products in 2019, but we were hard at work long before that. With a passion for design and development in multiple markets, our product portfolio has grown to include six products, with more in development. Halpin Solutions is proud to support a broad scope of people and industries. Learn more here:  https://halpinsolutions.com/

Our Founder
Sean Halpin is a designer, inventor, engineer, and mentor with a passion for project development in multiple industries. For both his own projects and those of other inventors, he has been instrumental in bringing diverse products to market for almost 30 years.
With a Master's Degree in aerospace manufacturing from UCLA, he has become one of the most diverse engineers and inventors in the industry. His company has designed and released over 100,000 individual automotive parts for products including Ford Mustang, F150, Indian Motorcycle, Freightliner Trucks, Peterbilt Trucks, International Trucks, Dodge, Ram, BMW, Aston Martin, Polaris Razor and more. He has designed and engineered products such as the B2 Bomber and Atlas Rocket. He was the force behind Product Inspection for the SpaceX Rocket and Tesla body design, and has been a supplier for decades for Ford, Chrysler and many more. After the Space Shuttle crash in 1986, he was called into the Atlas Rocket Plant to restart the Atlas program to launch nine payloads that were stranded. His resilient nature has made him adaptable to the industry’s ups and downs.
Halpin has many patents and is not stopping. With a passion for creation and helping humanity, he is a man on a mission.