PowerSk8r™ FAQ

What does PowerSk8r™ do?

PowerSk8r™ has been designed to increase strength, speed, and overall performance on the ice.  Use the PowerSk8r™ to strengthen and tone leg muscles. 

What are the advantages of using Powersk8r™?

The advantages are simple. They will make you not only stronger & faster but force you to focus on the mechanics of your stride.  

How does PowerSk8r™ attach?

PowerSk8r™ goes on top of the skate and uses durable Hook & Loop straps underneath.  They attach by simply unhooking the Velcro from one side, and placing PowerSk8r™ on top of your foot.  You then feed the Velcro underneath your skate, through the other side, and pull the Velcro tightly back down.  

What will I feel?

Initially, you will feel the extra weight on your feet. They might seem a little clunky at first, but over time, you will get used to having PowerSk8r™ on your skates during practice.  Eventually, once your legs have strengthened, you won’t feel anything at all and can move up to a heavier weight.  

Will PowerSk8r™ change my stride?

Contrary to what many believe, PowerSk8r™ is there to help with your stride.  The extra 1 pound added to each foot forces one to fully extend their stride and focus on the mechanics of proper skating.  Once you have achieved that 90-degree knee bend, full recovery, and long stride, you will then realize what it is like to have a proper stride.  

When I take PowerSk8r™ off, what will I feel?

When you take off PowerSk8r™, your feet should feel much lighter. The main goal of PowerSk8r™ is to make you faster for game time. During practice, your legs are used to being 2lbs heavier. Come game time, you should be flying without that extra 2lbs.  

Can I get a different color?

PowerSk8r™ is available for adult 1lb weights in the colors of Black and Silver.  The youth 1/2lb weights come in the colors of Black, Silver, and Red  

How does the guarantee work?

The main purpose of the PowerSk8r™ guarantee is to show real life, measurable results. We want you to time yourself from the face-off circle to face-off circle, and take the best out of 3 times. In 90 days, re-time yourself. If you haven’t been able to see & feel a difference, PowerSk8r™ will refund you, guaranteed.  

Are there different sizes?

PowerSk8r™ has been designed to fit all youth and adult skates.  Youth skates will use the 1/2lb weights and adults will use the 1lb weights. 

Will I be in pain from using PowerSk8r™?

You will not be in pain from using PowerSk8r™, and shouldn’t feel anything more than really sore legs.  

Are the weights exactly their assigned weight?

Some of our weights are within a fraction of their projected weight. Each set is paired precisely to accompany a weight of equal value. The fraction of difference in each weight will in no way alter their ability to perform, or impact the strengthening taking place.